First Great Council

Here is the translated first age text of what is now called the “First Great Council,” which took place during The Usurpation and after the slaying of the the Solar Mates of the Lunar circle. Council was usually a meeting of the Manse’s Commanding Officers, The Leader of each Wing of the stationed Legion and the Senior officers of the The Inner Guard and it was here that the issues of the Manse would be discussed and decided upon. A staff officer would also take notices upon moonstone tablet and then transcribed unto a scroll.

“Here were the senior commanders were gathered along with the rest of the Lunar Mates of Caldo’s Solar Circle: The Golden Bear and his lover The Silverfaced Wolf, The Ivory Fox and her lover The Twin-Faced Coyote. It was at this council when Crane told of the downfall of Caldo as the attitude in the room shifted and became one edge.

The Bear spoke out and said, “The uprising is all over creation by Fox’s reports. Lunars are being driven to the edges of creation and our mates unceremoniously murdered. Mine was killed while hunting alone in the North.” He smiled and with a mix of sorrow and pride, “Stubborn little brat killed several before they got him.” The humor in his voice waning away as he slammed his fist to the table, “But that does not solve our immediate problem…”

“All our mates have been killed,…” spouted Wolf. “And the Fortress will surely be attacked soon, as those damn viziers know the Bear is the ultimate commander in the north, no matter his rank.”

The room fell silent.

“And that brings us to the matter at hand.” Coyote said, “The innermost arsenals are secret, hidden, a vault within a vault, it is keyed to blood and essence… That is only a Lunar with sufficient essence or a Dragon Blooded with the correct heritage can open it. We will enter it and enter a hibernation to last til the Fortress is threatened by a superior force, or until bade to.”

Fox spoke up in her kind soothing voice, “First let us cast a spell to move the manse. There is a ruined fortress in the deep desert of the Outback from the time of the Dragon Kings.”

“I know of it,” said Crane, “We can cast in Concert to move the manse and switch its place in creation with that once great fort.”

And thus it was settled, the spell would be cast and the fortress would be sent along the Dragon Lines to the deep deserts of the Outback and the dilapidated fortress to the site of the current manse. The Dragon Bloods of the Inner Circle would say that the Lunars had been driven off and cast out of the fort.

The spell was cast, the forts moved and the rumor was then spread and passed down through the ages, “In the deepest halls of the hidden arsenals were the greatest weapons and protectors of the manse itself. Remember the truth will set you free…”

The truth would be passed between the heredity descendants of the Inner Guard along with the proper methods for awakening the 5 in case of the need.

First Great Council

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